For the self directed trader, we provide options to help you make informed trades quickly and easily by offering a full Forex Training Program from our Business Partners.

Forex trading can be fun, fast-paced and profitable — but it might seem kind of complicated, at first. Risk and reward, leverage, charts and Fibonacci — where do you start? With our Training Program, we have taken the best concepts in Forex and built a systematic approach to understanding Forex. Even if you have tried Forex before and failed to make a profit or maybe you just never were able to understand the concepts. Our approach involves all of the tools listed below to help you learn to trade in a way that can be very profitable. By joining now, you can change your future.

Live Trading

Trade live with renowned Forex Traders up to four times a week most weeks! These live sessions have proven to be a major reason members have had such great success. As much as anything else you will get insights into strategies and the nuances of trading that that no Forex Academy can ever cover. 44 weeks a year, Monday through Thursday most weeks all in real time and in reaction to what the market is doing right now! These interactive sessions are an invaluable tool to accelerate your trading skills to the next level.